Grood is the original purveyor of Chicago strangefunk.  This is a hefty and cryptic title, and Grood strongly suggests you just listen to the music, but here are some words to describe the music anyways: dark dance rock, amoeba love songs, warm-up fast jam, bread and butter.  Its creative, fresh, and vigorous.   The two main creators: Charlie Otto and Kasey foster, live together, eat together, and constantly work together to make art. Some of that art turns into Grood songs/videos, some into Kasey’s theater career, and the leftover is fart jokes. Grood can do three things very well: one, they are always making new music and short films and posting them to their Soundcloud and Youtube page, always free. Two, they work those songs into a 5 piece live band frenzy that sounds like a hot knife. Three, once a year they make the ACTual show, a living, jumping, colorful, theatrical, every-media version of Grood songs on stage.


One thing to notice about the 3 things grood does well: it’s all content driven. Never will grood release something that it didn’t slave over for hours or days or years, and always will the content be filled to the brim with heart juice. Blood.  Grood plans to continue this tradition for years to come, won’t stop cuz we can’t stop.

Fun pronunciation note: Grood is pronounced like good.  Fun origin note: Grood = Good + Great.